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My mission and vision

My vision is for a safer, accessible, affordable and thriving Surrey. I envision a transparent and inclusive consultation process at Surrey City Hall. I will work to be a continuous voice for the residents of Surrey.

Youth Programs

Surrey residents are concerned for the safety and security of our youth’s future. No parent wants their child in gangs or involved in crime.

Neera believes in more investment into youth programs. She feels the youth programs throughout Surrey should be increased, made more accessible and affordable. With the growing challenge of housing affordability, many put their children’s extracurricular activities on hold. Youth programs need to be affordable. Our youth should have opportunities earlier in life and should continue into the crucial teen years.

As Council, she promises to put forth a proposal for free or subsidized programs to be offered to all youth and into their teen years. She will lobby and encourage dialogue with our provincial government and see if government grants or funding is a viable option to assist in affordable programs.

Smart Transit

Neera believes that the Skytrain is the most effective transit system in Surrey. She strongly believes that all of Surrey needs to be accessible. She envisions a Skytrain that connects Guildford, Langley, South Surrey and Newton. In order to achieve this, City Council has to go back to the table, seek further public consultation and work closely with the Transportation Ministry and come back with a Smart Transit Plan.

Public Safety

Neera has heard from Surrey residents about growing concern on Public Safety. This is not just the responsible of one party; it involves many parties; it involves all of us. We have to get to the root of the problem and address it at an earlier age.

Teaching our children in elementary school about crimes such s theft, drugs and gang violence is crucial. We need to start earlier. We educate our young to stay away from strangers and we need to do the same with drugs and violence.

As Council, I will advocate to the education ministry and work with our school trustees and school boards to review our current education curriculum and push to have this a part of the school curriculum. You and I cannot do this alone. We need a consistent voice on council to advocate for this.

This discussion has to take place in the home as well. We need to provide materials and resources to help all those parents, single parents, working parents to speak to their children at an earlier age. Our kids are being recruited in the late elementary school years. This needs to stop.

Our police force is always doing their best but at times the Surrey community feels that enough is being done. As your voice as council for Surrey I will work towards opening the lines of communication between the city and the RCMP and see where and how we can provide support, training and take a new approach to ensure Public Safety. Surrey people need to trust the local authority and city that they are working on increasing Public Safety. We as citizens need to be involved in this process as well.

Neera wants to ensure our neighborhoods safe and she needs support to go to council and be that continuous voice, your voice.

Housing Affordability

The housing affordability crisis is affecting most of British Columbia and needs to be addressed by all three levels of government

Neera feels there is not just one solution to this problem. As Councillor, I will advocate to form a special committee which includes residents of Surrey to give their input, review and evaluate the zoning of Surrey and look at what the future of Surrey will look like with more multi-housing units.

We need to work with local developers and the provincial government to look at different options for creating affordable housing. More importantly when these developments are in the proposal process, Surrey residents need to be a part of the consultation process. Their voice needs to be heard. Neera will be that voice at city council.


It is time that that we have an open and inclusive process when making a decision for Surrey.
Your vote for Neera Agnihotri will be your voice in council.

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